Friday, March 14, 2008

Gooddata Collaborative Analytics

US dollar exchange rate goes steadily down for more than 5 years. This works for us who buy our gadgets in the US. We use the "Zasilkova Sluzba" service to deliver stuff to our doorstep in Czech Republic.

However, the declining dollar doesn't make us happy as entrepreneurs. It makes all resources that we buy in Europe more expensive. We sell our products for dollars and buy our resources mostly for Czech crowns and getting less and less bang for one dollar. I mean 100% less bang since 2002.

Fortunately we are the "analytics guys" so we can predict the future and actively hedge ourselves against the declining US currency. Our latest research shows that US dollar reaches zero sometimes around 6/18/2012.

Knowing this, we can optimize our financial operations and get the most out of it. Tons of gadgets plus nice access to local resources.

DOES THIS RING SOME BELL? Have you seen such a "great" analysis before? Numbers are right, their interpretation is absurd. That is why we focus on collaborative analytics. Collaboration works great in such cases. You bet that I'm going to see a bull*it tag and some lampoon comments regarding my brainpower a few seconds after I publish such analysis to the Gooddata platform. The product separates wheat from the chaff using collaboration capabilities like tag rating and commenting .

P.S.: Roman, I apologize for stealing your idea with the dollar analysis. I can't resist. At the end this is also a bit about collaboration. You invented and designed it and just I implemented it. :)

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